Services For Individuals:

Are You Certified To Administer Vivitrol™ (And Other Anti-Craving Medications)?

– Yes, we administer Vivitrol™ and other anti-craving medications. We also offer anti-craving consultations to help you pinpoint the most effective course of treatment for your particular case.

Do You Offer Medication Management Consultations?

– Yes, managing medications is an important and often difficult process. Our specialists will help you stay on the correct medications at the correct dosages.

Do You Offer Genetic Drug Compatibility Testing?

– Yes. Partnering with our lab, MedyTox, we can test your blood for genetic compatibility with a myriad of medicines. In this way, we can determine which drug will most probably have the best results for you.

Do You Offer Urinalysis?

– Yes

Do You Offer Toxicology Screening?

– Yes

Do You Offer Pregnancy Testing?

– Yes

Do You Offer Electrocardiograms (EKG/ECG)?

– Yes

Do You Offer Other Cardiac Testing?

– No

Do You Perform Physicals?

– Yes

Do You Set Bones?

– No

Do You Perform CDL Physicals?

– Not yet, but approval is underway.

What Are Anti-Craving Medications?

Anti craving medications are used to help restore patients' brain functions to reduce cravings. Many people need help to reduce cravings. Medication assisted treatment along with counseling and support from family and friends this can be accomplished. Naltrexone and other medications in pill form or extended release by injection is commonly used to reduce alcohol and opiate cravings.

What Is Genetic Drug Compatibility Testing?

Genetic drug testing (also called pharmacogenomics or pharmacogenetics) studies how your genes affect your body´s response to medicine. Genes determine your characteristics such as your height, eye color and hair color. Genes can also affect how your body responds to medication. The use of genetic drug testing may help determine what medication may be best for your treatment and what medication may cause side affects.

Services For Treatment Facilities:

Do You Perform Medical Services At Addiction Recovery Facilities?

– Yes

Do You Perform Psychiatric Services At Addiction Recovery Facilities?

– Yes

What Is Urine Toxicology For Employers?

– For urine toxicology screening for employers, Crossroads Addiction Services offers screening with toxicology confirmation for employees. Our lab (Medytox) is fully certified and compliant with accuracy of results. Contact us for more information.

Do You Perform Employee Urinalysis And Urine Toxicology Screening At The
Employee's Work Site?

– Yes, this way the employees don't have to get themselves to a testing laboratory and lose up to half a day of work. We come to you. Please call us or email for scheduling and pricing.

Do You Perform Employee Urinalysis And Urine Toxicology Screening At
Your Clinic?

– Yes, if you need to send individuals for screening, please have them make an appointment first. (Make an Appointment Online)

Are You Certified To Administer Vivitrol™ (and Other Anti-Craving

– Yes, we administer Vivitrol™ and other anti-craving medications. We also offer anti-craving consultations to help you pinpoint the most effective course of treatment for your particular case.

Downtown Stuart Office:

How Many Patients Do You Serve At Crossroads Medical Services, Inc.?

– We currently manage 2 patients at a time at this location. Each patient is seen within 30 minutes by one of our caring staff members.

What Is Your New Patient Procedure?

  • An appointment is requested via phone call or our online appointment request tool here
  • An appointment is scheduled to best suit your needs
  • Paperwork and form of payment is sorted to bill your insurance company (unless paying with cash or credit card).
  • We review the type of care requested; medical, psychiatric or psychological.

Would You Offer Transportation To Your Facility?

– Yes, with some minimum requirements, please contact

Are You A General Medical Practice?

– No, we are dedicated solely to men and women in addiction recovery. All our staff is specialized in addiction recovery

Do You Have Evening Hours?

– Yes, our hours are listed on the home page, and all consultations are by appointment with your choice of caregiver Click Here for an appointment.

Are You An Emergency Care Facility?

– No, we are by appointment only. Click Here for an appointment.

Staff Specialties:

What Is a D.O.?

– A doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) is a physician licensed to practice medicine, perform surgery, and prescribe medication. Like M.D.s, osteopathic physicians complete 4 years of medical school and can choose to practice in any speciality of medicine. However, osteopathic physicians receive an additional 300 – 500 hours in the study of hands-on manual medicine and the body's musculoskeletal system. More info:

What Is a PA-C?

– A certified physician assistant (PA-C) is a graduate of an accredited Physician Assistant educational program who has undergone testing by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. PA-Cs are state-licensed to practice medicine with a collaborating physician. More info:

What Is An ARNP?

– An advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) is a registered nurse who completes at least a graduate-level educational program in nursing. An ARNP can have primary responsibility for patient care. Additional ARNP roles include certified registered nurse anesthetists and certified nurse midwives. More info:

What Is An LPN?

– A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is a nurse who works under the direction of registered nurses or physicians. More info: