• comprehensive mental health treatment 
  • medical care for individuals 
  • psychiatric care for individuals
  • counseling services 
  • on-site services for addiction treatment facilities

Our Clinics:

  • intimate, caring, familial setting
  • supportive care
  • evening hours
  • urinalysis and toxicology testing
  • anti-craving medications (like Vivitrol™)
  • most insurance plans, cash & credit cards accepted
  • Open in Orlando and Port St Lucie

Call us:

  • (888) 769-5408

Team Member Specialties:

  • Doctor (Psychiatry)
  • PA-C (Physician Assistant)
  • ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner)
  • ARNP (Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner)
  • LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor)
  • RN (Registered Nurse)
  • MA (Medical Assistant)

1 in 5 individuals will experience a mental health problem disrupting their life:

  • With proper medical attention and support, most mental illnesses can be successfully treated.
    • depression
    • sudden confusion or paranoia
    • anxiety
    • substance abuse
    • mood swings
    • suicidal thoughts
    • psychotic disorders
    • eating disorders
    • post traumatic stress disorder

Call us:

  • (888) 769-5408

In Port St Lucie and Orlando!

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Treatment Centers

Crossroads' experienced staff supports treatment centers in the St. Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach tri-county area.

Crossroads works with detox, PHP, IOP, and OP programs. Our downtown Stuart office provides continuation of medical, psychiatric and psychological care, medication management and counseling in an outpatient basis to individuals no longer enrolled in a treatment program.

Why invest in a full time clinician, if you can call Crossroads for just a few hours a week?  Our rates are reasonable and offer terms and discounts for bulk purchases.

Individual Outpatients

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to obtaining help is simply picking up the phone.

We understand that asking for help is often a challenge.

Our qualified, dedicated and caring staff provides a range of services in mental health issues. From young adults to seniors, services are available in our outpatient clinic locations. 

We aim to restore and enhance your quality of life by promoting healing and healthy choices towards your well-being. 

Individuals in Recovery

We understand that one of the most difficult challenges about being in recovery is to stay in recovery. Where do you go once you are no longer enrolled in a treatment facility?

The staff at Crossroads are  specialized and personally involved in addiction medicine and recovery. Our office aims to welcome you to your sober life. Our office serves those in recovery, with a listening ear, in an intimate setting – you don’t get lost in the crowd

Come see us in the clinic made just for you!!

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Schedule Your Clients

If you are a treatment center, you can schedule your clients to come see us and view all upcoming appointments, all from one screen.

Please call us (772) 202-8946, ask for Chip, Terry or Diana or send us an email:   moreinfo@crossroads-medical.com for more information.


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